Farrol Kahn

Swiss based publisher producing highly illustrated hardback travel guides.

Farrol Kahn who lives in Switzerland and knows the region well, gives insider tips to readers.

The books include the Valais - the undiscovered canton which is a mountain climbers paradise and has odd events like cow fights; Crans-Montana, the ski and golf resort where 007 Roger Moore lives and has the cleanest air in Switzerland; and Montreux Riviera with its microclimate and where the famous Montreux Jazz festival is held annually

The latest book features Geneva,  the essential travel guide that is designed for you to create your own personalised trip and to introduce you to people who reflect the dynamic spirit of the city. Whether it be people in museums, restaurants, hotels, events or banks, you get an insiders’ view and you can network with them as friends.

Geneva is smallest big city where the airport is only 7 minutes away by train, where you can shop for watches in the cradle of watchmaking, walk in the medieval old town that is seeped in history of the Reformation, eat perch in the lakeside restaurant, cruise in vintage lake steamers and visit International Geneva which is a separate city within a city and learn how it impacts on all aspects our our daily life. Lastly, but not least, you can participate in the rich cultural heritage of music, art, architecture and science like CERN where the internet was born and see the largest Hadron Collider where particles collide at temperatures 100,000 times more than the centre of the sun.

Farrol Kahn