Meteoor, founded in 2014, is a niche publishing house
focusing on crafts books for the international market.

It all started with a website stuffed with amigurumi (みぐるみ; crocheted stuffed toys). We were fascinated by the 3D crochetwork, tried some out and along the way we built a community around this specific craft. Today the website has more than 80k unique visitors a month, 250k fans on Instagram, 140k Pinterest followers and more than 245k Facebook fans.

As we were already collecting the cutest amigurumi patterns from around the world and had a highly interested audience, we decided to publish a first English paperback with the patterns we loved most. One book was quickly followed by a second and a third… translations in Dutch, German, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, French, Italian and Hungarian and a brand growing at great pace.

Today Meteoor distributes a series of books that is much loved by crafters from all over the world. With our website and our monthly Ami-Along we are the leading brand on Amigurumi.