Third Millennium Press

Third Millennium Press Ltd has been a family business since 1997. Founded on the extraordinary success of the single title “Timechart History of the World” which has sold, over two editions, a total of 750,000 copies in English and ten other languages – with the lion's share being published in USA and Germany.

Uniquely combining both biblical and world history, TMP developed further titles in the same traditional style for those families and individuals committed to the Holy Bible and its teachings.

“The Timechart of Biblical History” was the second publication and has sold some 300,000 copies since 2002 – the English language version having been reprinted 15 times.

For the future TMP will largely dedicate its publishing to Bible based books and charts always illustrated in similar style. Other books will be published from time to time concentrating on traditional subjects with suitably in keeping illustrations.

“Timechart History of the World” (750,000 copies in print in 10 languages). First published in USA by Sebastian Adams in 1871 – later produced in London in 1890 updated by Edward Hull and published by Deacon. It was rediscovered by TMP chairman Robert Beard – carefully updated in the same style and launched in 1998 using a valuable original copy from the British Museum, London.