Tushita Verlag

And the art of joy...

TUSHITA PUBLISHING GERMANY has developed into the leading calendar and card Publishers of ethnic and spiritual editions. Our products are produced with care and understanding.

Creativity and innovative quality best describes our products while they are highly accepted around the world.

Tushita products are produced, as much as possible, in an environmental friendly manner. Not only the papers and inks are chosen with care. Due to the difficult production conditions and the negative environmental factors of transports and our protest against the conditions in Tibet we refrain from printing in China.

For 25 years Tushita has constantly given support to Tibet related NOG’s like Tibet Image Bank, Nepal Prisoners Association and Pauenhof e.V.

It seems that the cultural home of Tushita lies in the early Beatnik movement of the American 60ies, leading to the hippie culture and the environmental movements of the 70’s, the real cultural revolutions of the 20th century.

The name “TUSHITA“ is a Sanskrit term describing a planet, on which special favourable conditions for practicing the teachings of the Buddha are given. The project was named by a great Tibetan Lama, Lama Thubten Yeshe.