Giorgio Nada

The most beautiful and important car is the one that I must still build”. The words of Enzo Ferrari when talking about the cars produced by his company bearing his name. Translating this celebrated affirmation into the world of publishing, we would say, “The most beautiful and important book is the one we must still publish”.

Such is the philosophy that has driven and animated Giorgio Nada Editore in over 30 years of activity. From the pioneering books of its debut which, even then, were written by the great journalists of the sector – but also including eager enthusiasts – to the most recent publications, the spirit and the goal of our company have always remained the same: to introduce and popularise the story of the car, the motorcycle and, more in general, engine-powered means of transport as a whole.

A story, or rather many stories, that create culture and that recount the technology and techniques of industry, of sporting feats, but most of all of men – well or less well known – all able to realise their dreams and nurture their passion. A story that we hope to be able to tell for many more years to come.